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Activating access to Vaccine

To activate access and to create your personal account, you will need your Society Membership Number. If you don't know your membership number, please contact the administrative office ( ) of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology.

The Membership Number must be entered at:

Note that “https://” MUST be entered for this URL - “http://” will not work. This is to ensure that your registration details are secured when you enter them into the registration form.

After entering, click on "submit". The next step is completing a user profile. You will be asked to fill out a form and choose a password. A username will be assigned. Both username and password will be case sensitive.After registration you can directly login with your new username and password.

Note - please do NOT use special characters, such as ö, ä, æ when entering your personal details into the profile form.

In the future you can go straight to:
URL: and enter your personal username and password in the login bar on the top of the page.

If you encounter any problems registering, please note that older browsers may not support SSL encryption, which is required for secure data transmission. Also, cookies must be enabled in your browser to support the registration process.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support department via

  • Membership number, you will notice that the invoice of membership fee.

  • Until you are able to subscribe online, it takes about one and a half months
    after admission.


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