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Constitution of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology

General Rules
1) The Society shall be called the Japanese Society for Vaccinology.
2) The purpose of the Society is to contribute to the development and clinical application of vaccines.
3) The Society is comprised of members who agree with the purpose specified above.
4) The Society conducts the following activities to achieve the purpose specified in the previous clause.
(1) Holding of annual meeting and other academic conventions
(2) Publication of journals and other press materials
(3) Communication with the related organizations in Japan and various academic societies
    (4) International activities and communication with the organizations such as related academic societies overseas as an organization representing vaccine researchers in Japan
(5) Publicity and educational activities concerning vaccines and immunization
5) The Society shall establish the Secretariat.

1) Members of the Society shall consist of official members, student members, supporting members, and honorary members.
  2) A person applying for membership in the Society must fill out the required fields of the membership application form. Along with the fees for the applicable year, the applicant must submit the completed form to be approved by the board members.
3) The official members, student members, and honorary members are entitled to report their achievements in the academic conventions of the Society.
4) The official members and student members shall have voting rights of the board members. Only the official members are eligible to run for election.
5) The Society shall be able to designate honorary members recommended by the provision specified separately.
  6) To agree with the intent of the Society and to support the activities of the Society, organizations or individuals that pay the specified supporting fee every year shall be designated as the supporting members.

1) Expenses of the Society shall be covered by the following incomes:
(1) Official membership fees, student membership fees, and supporting membership fees (membership fees, hereinafter);
(2)  Donations.
2) The membership fees shall be determined upon approval of the plenary meeting.
3) The accounting year of this society shall start on January 1 and end on December 31.

Officers, Board Members and Plenary Meetings
  1) The Society shall have the following officers:
1 President, 1 Annual Academic Convention Chairman, 13 Board Members, and 2 Auditors.
  2) The board members shall be elected by votes of official members and student members. The board members shall consist of 4 fundamental researchers, 4 clinical application researchers, 4 production and development professionals, and 2 epidemiological researchers (14 members in total). The method of election shall be defined separately. The term of board members shall be 4 years and they shall not be reappointed. However, they shall perform their duties until their successors are selected even after they have completed their terms.
3) The president shall be chosen by votes of the board members. The term of the president shall be 2 years and he or she may be reappointed once.
4) The president shall represent the Society and direct the general operations of the Society.
  5) The annual academic convention chairman shall be nominated from the members by votes of the board members and shall be appointed through approval of the plenary meeting. The term of office shall be 1 month. In addition, if the chairman is not a board member, he or she shall be automatically qualified as a board member during the term of office.
6) The annual academic convention chairman shall organize the annual academic convention.
  7) Several of the board members shall be the managing directors at the request of the president. The managing directors shall segregate the duties of general affairs, accounting, PR, and external affairs. The term of office shall be same as that of the president.
  8) The auditors shall be appointed by the president from the members. However, the board members cannot serve in the auditor position. The auditors shall audit the operations of the Society. The auditors shall participate in a board members' meeting upon request of the president but shall not participate in the voting in the board members' meetings. The term of the auditors shall be 2 months and they may be reappointed.
  9) The president shall assemble the board members' meetings and plenary meetings. The president shall serve as the chair of the board members' meeting. The annual academic convention chairman shall serve as the chair of the plenary meetings. The board members' meeting requires the attendance of more than two-thirds of the current board members. The proceedings of the board members' meetings and plenary meetings shall be approved by a majority vote of the attendees. In the case of a tie in votes, the chair shall determine the proceedings. Under special circumstances, opinions of the persons who are absent from the plenary meeting shall be considered when determining the proceedings. However, the absentees shall not carry voting rights.
10) The president shall report the operations of the Society in plenary meetings.

Academic Conventions
1) Procedure of assembling the annual academic conventions shall be determined in board members' meetings.
2) The Society can convene an academic convention other than the annual academic conventions through approval in the board members' meeting.

1) A few staff shall be assigned to the editorial committee for editorial work. The editorial committee shall be appointed in board members' meetings. Provisions on editorial work and posting shall be defined separately.

Changes to the Constitution
1) Changes to this constitution shall comply with a decision of the plenary meeting.


1) This constitution shall take effect on January 1, 2000.


1) The Society shall be managed by a caretakers' association during the period until the inauguration of the board members.

1) The president may appoint up to 3 board members during the 2-year term.

1) This constitution shall take effect on November 22, 2000.

1) The president may appoint up to 3 board members (president-recommended board members) during the 2-year term.
The recommended board members shall have voting rights. They shall not be eligible to run for election at the time of re-election. They may be reappointed once.

1) A member who falls behind with his or her membership fee payment for over 3 years shall be handled as having been withdrawn from the Society through approval of the board members. Once the balance has been paid, the member shall be able to re-enroll in the Society.

1) This constitution shall take effect on October 10, 2004.

1) The chair of the annual academic convention in the following term shall attend board members' meetings as an observer.

1) This constitution shall take effect on October 15, 2005.

1) In case a vacancy occurs in the board members, it shall be filled by a person who is in the same field of studies from the runner-ups of the latest election.

1) This constitution shall take effect on December 11, 2010.

1) This constitution shall take effect on December 10, 2011.

1) This constitution shall take effect on December 3, 2017.

Additional Statement
1) The annual membership fee shall be 9,000 yen. The annual student membership fee shall be 2,000 yen. The supporting membership fee shall be 50,000 yen per contribution.
2) The Secretariat of the Society shall be placed at c/o Shunkosha Inc. Lambdax Building, 2-4-12 Ohkubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Japan.



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