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7th Vaccine & ISV Congress

Date: 27-29 October 2013
Venue: Sitges, Barccelona, Spain

Conference Deadlines
Friday 28 June 2013 >>Abstract Submission Deadline
Friday 23 August 2013 >>Early Bird Registration Deadline
Friday 23 August 2013 >>Author Registration Deadline

Modern Genome-Based Vaccine Design
Sponsored by
EpiVax,Inc. and Institute of Immunology and Informatics

This satellite seminar at the hall on the day preceding
the 16th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology(JSV).

Pacifico Yokohama
2F Room 211/212

Friday November 16th
9:00 am -5:00 pm
1-1-1,Minato Mirai,Nishi-ku,Yokohama,Japan

Please look at here for details.

Extended abstract submission of 6th Vaccine & ISV Annual Global Congress -Shanghai | China | 2012

Although the abstract submission deadline passed about the mark, I have got the message from the purport and convention length who receive abstract submission succeedingly.
Please give me positive participation of you, members.

Please look at here for details.

Official Logo of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology

The Japanese Society for Vaccinology
Koichi Yamanishi, President

 Based on the result of the questionnaire sent out to the members about the society's logo, the image shown below was approved in the recent board members' meeting and it became the official logo of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology.

【Concept of the logo】
Using the images of an antibody, some DNA, and a cell, which are all related to vaccines, the logo represents our devotion to becoming a global society that aims to overcome diseases and save the people of the earth with vaccines.

【Images utilized】
We have used images of an antibody, some DNA, and a cell, which are all related to vaccine development.
  • The Y-shaped figure represents an antibody.
  • The spiral form represents some DNA.
  • The exterior circle of the logo and shape of the earth represent a cell.
V-shaped heart in the center and the earth
  • The V shape in the center represents the initial letter of "Victory," and refers to us overcoming diseases.
  • The heart in the center represents our devotion to overcome diseases and save the people of the earth with vaccines.
  • The earth represents the global characteristics of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology, as well as our intent to save the people of the earth with vaccines.

Important Notice Concerning Protection of Personal Information

To all members of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology:

The Japanese Society for Vaccinology
Hiroshi Kiyono, President

Thank you for your continued support for our activities.
We are writing to inform you that the Personal Information Protection Law went into effect on April 1.
Accompanying that, we would like to ask you to register so that you can be involved in the society's activities.
Naturally, your membership information is also subject to this Personal Information Protection Law.
We used to enclose the membership list that was used as the electoral register in the election package for the election of board members. But this year, a year in which the director is to be re-elected, we created the list from the currently registered information without conducting a survey on this year's membership list.
In the first board members' meeting of 2005, held on April 18, we stopped issuing the membership list without checking whether each individual's permission had been obtained. We decided to create another electoral register for the voting in the election of the director.
Along with the director election package, we will be sending you a survey slip about the membership list, to see if there have been any changes and to have you confirm the posting contents. Please make sure you check the contents and return the slip to the contact person at this society.

In this respect, the board members of the society decided to implement the following rules on participating and presenting your work at the 9th Academic Convention of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology.

1) In your presentation, please do not use the name of a case that could lead to the individual concerned being identified, and do not specify the initial or ID number.

2) Taking photos and recording videos are not allowed in the convention. The society also prohibits photography and video recording during the poster presentation. However, this rule does not apply to the staff appointed by the society.

We will try to make our society as active as possible while protecting people's privacy. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Academic Society Designated by Patent Office

We are writing to inform you that we were designated as an academic society pursuant to Clause 1, Section 30 of the Patent Act as of January 24, 2006. You can file a patent application within 6 months from the date of the presentation at the society. (If you wish to file a patent application for the abstract as part of the application, you will need to file it within 6 months from the date of issuing the abstract.)

Dr. Koichi Yamanishi (Osaka University) to Receive the 48th Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Award for Medical Science

At the 48th Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Award for Medical Science, held at the Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall on Tuesday, November 2, 2004, the prize was awarded to Dr. Koichi Yamanishi. He is a professor at the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine at Osaka University, and specializes in microbiology. As a member of this society, we are very proud and pleased that he was awarded such a wonderful prize. He has made great contributions to the establishment and management of the Japanese Society for Vaccinology. Dr. Yamanishi discovered Human Herpes Virus 6, known to be a casual agent of exthanthema subitum in children, for the first time in the world in 1988. Needless to say, his academic contribution to virology and vaccinology thereafter was highly evaluated and led to him receiving this award. He is now extending his field of research to Human Herpes Virus 7, and Human Herpes Virus 8, known to be a cancer virus, and conducting vigorous research activities toward the development of vaccines and a new vaccine strategy based on that knowledge. As a representative of this society, I have high expectations for the further development of Dr. Yamanishi's research.

Publication of "Vaccine Dictionary" - The Japanese Society for Vaccinology's Edition

The "Vaccine Dictionary" is edited by the Japanese Society for Vaccinology under the supervision of the editorial committee, organized by Dr. Hitoshi Kamiya as the editorial chair and comprised of Dr. Chikara Aizawa, Dr. Nobuhiko Okabe, Dr. Tatsuo Kato, Dr. Takeshi Kurata, Dr. Masato Tashiro, Dr. So Hashizume, and Dr. Kiyoshi Horiuchi. It was published by Asakura Publishing in September 2004. It is a great dictionary that contains the latest information on vaccines in its 305 pages. The dictionary was written by 38 professional members that play a leading role in the fields of vaccinology, and organized by the editorial committee. All royalties from this publishing will be donated to the society and used for its activities. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Kamiya, the editorial chair, and the members of the editorial committee, as well as the authors who worked on this book.

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